The Positive Separation Method

During my own divorce, I could not find a practical handbook to give me a structured and positive path through the chaos of separation.   In my own family, we had embraced the art of positive separation for three generations, but I couldn’t find a source to explain to me, simply and clearly, how to solve the personal crises that come up during a separation, or how to function effectively on a day-to-day basis while at the same time building a foundation for a new, happy future. 

It became clear to me that every person in separation was required to reinvent the wheel for him- or herself. This triggered me enormously, especially considering the damage to individuals from economic, relational, and health perspectives both during and after separation. I wasn’t the only one, I realized, who needed a plan of action. 

And so, the Positive Separation Method™ was born. 

The Method

The Positive Separation Method consists of five distinct steps: 

Step 1: Disconnect from your old life, and create a vision for your new life

Step 2: Focus on what you can control

Step 3: Reconnect to and empower your core

Step 4: Take loving action to care for yourself and become happy again

Step 5: Move forward with confidence!

Each of these steps includes intentional, concrete actions that will help you to: minimize daily chaos; keep your energy elevated so you can get through daily tasks; work with difficult emotions; connect to your vision for a new, happy life; meet your immediate and long-term goals; and stay empowered through what may be one of the most challenging times of your life. 


What makes the Positive Separation Method different? 

  • Focuses first on day-to-day functioning

  • Simple, clear, and easy to implement

  • A clear starting point that can be applied immediately, regardless of the stage of separation the user is in

  • Age, gender, financial situation, and educational background are not relevant

  • Expresses a basic faith in the positive qualities, resourcefulness, and adaptability of the user

  • The focus in on the intention and energy of the user, so both partners do not need to participate

  • Focuses on both the emotional and practical aspects of the separation

  • Uses familiar tools and exercises (such as talking with friends, taking time to relax, and weekly scheduling) to create a solid foundation for healing and growth

  • Applies tangible benchmarks for progress

  • A no-nonsense attitude & European flair

  • Complements and elevate other breakup, separation, and divorce methods

  • Benefits will be noticed immediately after implementation

  • Includes tools for separations where there are children involved (with a focus on the balance and well-being of parents)

  • Can be used by both individuals and professionals (i.e., coaches, therapists, lawyers, etc.)


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